Youth Basketball League


The Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church Youth Basketball League will return in 2022! 

Team registration is now open for our 2022 season! Just fill out the form below! Here are a few reminders about our leagues: 

  • We have 4 divisions: Girls (9-12 graders), Mixed (7-8 graders), Boys (9-10 graders), Boys (11-12 graders)
  • All games will be held at Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church in the Great Hall.
  • A full list of rules can be found here. 
  • HERE is a copy of the medical form that every student will need to sign. 
  • This league is for students who are not playing basketball for their school.
  • Games will start the January 4th, 2022 and run through March 17, 2022
  • Individuals or smaller churches who may not be able to field a full team should contact us so we can plug them in! 



  1. I don’t have a way to pay online, can I pay by check?
    Yes! Email Brooke Hobbs at for more information!
  2. When are the medical forms due?
    Please turn all medical forms in to your student’s coach by December 6th. Coaches can take pictures and upload their teams forms at in addition to uploading their roster
  3. What night of the week will my student play?
    The schedule will be set after the coaches meeting on December 6th. We will try our best to accommodate as needed! If you have any preferences, please let us know at the coaches meeting or email
  4. I registered my student to play on a Pulaski Heights UMC team. How do we know who their coach will be?
    We are in the process of creating rosters. We will reach out to their players to let them know what team they are on!
  5. Do you require proof of Covid-19 vaccination to be eligible to play?
    Because of the decline of Covid-19 cases in our area, we are no longer requiring proof of vaccination. You can see below our full statement on Covid-19 and this season. 
  6. Can my student play in this league and play for their school?
    No, this league is meant to be a recreational league for students who do not play for their school. 

If you have any questions not listed above, please contact Ellen Rowland at, Brooke Hobbs at, or