For centuries Christians have brought loved ones to the church to be buried, either within the church walls or in a churchyard cemetery. This practice still continues for rural churches throughout America.  PHUMC members have the option of having their church home be their final resting-place.

What is a columbarium?

The word “columbarium” is derived from Latin and translates as a compartmented house for doves. A columbarium contains niches for urns with ashes of the dead. It seems especially appropriate for Christians to be placed in a columbarium since the dove is the symbol of God’s spirit and of peace.

The vision for the PHUMC Columbarium Garden is for it to be a place of worship and celebration. It will be a place to meditate and remember those members who have gone before us. There are two options for burial – a wall niche or common ground.  A wall niche is $1500-$2000 and includes an urn, engraving of urn and engraving of niche.  A common ground space is $750-$1000.  No urn is involved.  Ashes are placed in the common ground area, and a paver is engraved.  If you are interested in the Columbarium, please email Jennifer Shannon, Columbarium director, at or call the church at 501-664-3600.