Small Groups


Small group ministry is an important and ever-growing part of our church journey. Small groups allow us to meet, show love, and support small group members, grow your roots in our church community, and respond to God’s Call. The long-term vision for small groups is one of gradual maturation in the Christian faith. This allows for constant growth. The Christian faith is best lived in relationship with other believers, and these relationships have the power to change us. We may hear the message of the Gospel at church, but small groups empower us through group dialogue to become that message for the world. We want to be with you on the journey. It doesn’t have to be burdensome or overbearing – we believe relationships can change lives!

Fill out the form below by September 8th to begin this process, and to help you find a year-long small group that fits your needs. Questions? Contact Rev. Abbey Maynard at or 501-664-3600