Guatemalan Surgical Mission Giving

Donate to the Guatemalan Surgical Mission

The team includes medical experts in the areas of surgery, anesthesiology and nursing as we provide general surgery to patients anxiously awaiting the opportunity for pain relief and healing.  We anticipate seventy (70) major surgical procedures will be provided during the week in Guatemala. These procedures will return men and women to productive members of their families and communities.

This year we need to raise approximately $12,000 for our mission work with the major expense components projected to be:

  • Medications and anesthesia $4,900 ($70 per surgery)
  • Surgical supplies $2,800 ($40 per surgery)
  • Spanish and Quiche (K’iche’ – Mayan language) interpreters to communicate with patients and their families: $2,500 ($250 per interpreter for the week)
  • Baggage and Customs Fees to bring donated supplies into the country $1,800 ($30 for the first checked bag and $40 for the second checked bag)