Your Wedding at Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church

If you are the bride or groom, congratulations on the decision to make a life-long commitment!  We provide weddings to members as well as non-members at Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church.

Those seeking to be married in a United Methodist Church by a pastor are asking specifically for a Christian marriage and are expressing their intention to be a part of the Christian community after their wedding service.

In planning for your wedding, you will be working with church staff members who are dedicated to making each wedding a significant and joyful act of Christian worship. Decisions regarding personal preferences in the service will be discussed in a spirit of commitment to honor God in worship, and to witness with integrity to the special character of Christian marriage. Carefully read and consider these policies and guidelines.  We look forward to sharing with you in this important service of worship, and pray it will be one of the most meaningful experiences of your Christian discipleship.   

For your wedding concerns – required fees, available dates, scheduling procedures – please contact the Senior Pastor’s office at 501.978.0517 or


For a wedding checklist, please select link below:

Wedding Checklist



All Services of Christian Marriage performed at Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church have the blessings of this church. One of the Services of Christian Marriage from the United Methodist Book of Worship shall be used. An order of the worship service will be done in house to use as your wedding program. You will need to make an appointment to plan the layout and design and printing options.



One of Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church’s pastors will officiate in all marriage services. A pastor from another congregation may assist upon the written invitation of the Pastor. The role of a visiting pastor will be determined by the PHUMC pastor in consultation with the couple.



All persons married at Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church are required to participate in the pre-marital workshop. The pre-marital workshop covers the important topics implied in the marriage vows, such as Christian marriage as a vocation, style differences between couples, communication and conflict, intimacy and sexuality issues, financial planning, spirituality, and handling the unexpected in your marriage and family.



The services of our wedding director are required at any wedding in the sanctuary or chapel where there is music and a processional. The director works with the pastor(s) and the wedding party. The director will provide guidance regarding decorations, procedure, facility use, and seating of family and guests. The wedding director will be present at your rehearsal and wedding to assist you.



There is a total of 4 hours allowed for the wedding event. The church will open 2½ hours before the wedding begins for the wedding party to dress, take pictures, and for florists to decorate. Clean up should be completed 1½ hours after the wedding begins.



Wedding receptions may be scheduled for the Parlor, subject to availability on the church calendar. This facility should be reserved when the wedding date is confirmed. Alcoholic beverages, including champagne punch, are not served at receptions held in the church facilities. Smoking will not be permitted. There is a total of 5 hours allowed for a wedding reception. The facilities will open for 1 hour setup time, 2 hours for the event, and clean up completed in 2 hours. A custodian is required for the reception; a kitchen helper is required if using our serving area/supplies. Any catering service must be approved by the church administrator, providing license and deposits.



Weddings may be held in the sanctuary or chapel whenever worship services are not being held. However, no weddings are scheduled: a)     on Sundays b)     later than 7:00 P.M. c)     on official church holidays or on the eve of the day following those holidays Wedding times available are: Morning:    10:00 or 11:00 a.m. Afternoon:  2:00 or 3:00 p.m. Evening:     6:00 or 7:00 p.m. No weddings will be held on the half-hour. Plans are not final and will not be scheduled on the church’s calendar until the pastor who is to perform the wedding ceremony has approved and returned the wedding information sheet to the wedding secretary.



An Informal Wedding is one that has no processional, no music, no flowers, no professional photographs, nor additional candles.  It requires no rehearsal. Information regarding fees for such wedding is listed at the bottom of the page. *



Rehearsals are held at 4:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Fridays.  In the event that there are three weddings on Saturday, one rehearsal will be scheduled on Thursday evening preceding or early Saturday morning of the wedding date, to be coordinated by the pastor with wedding party, organist, wedding director and wedding secretary. Any wedding with music and a bridal party must be rehearsed. All attendants in the wedding party as well as ushers are expected to attend the rehearsal. The rehearsal should be scheduled in consultation with the pastor.  Remember, one hour should be allowed for rehearsals when planning your rehearsal dinner. 



The music that is sung or played has great power to give the service its character. Congregational singing is most desirable, and a choir may also sing. The use of vocal and instrumental music expresses the joy of the event. The use of specifically Christian music is required. It ensures the proclamation of Christian faith and hope. Such texts and music express the joy, praise, and thanksgiving that characterize marriage in a Christian context.



The flowers for your wedding should be in place at least one hour before the service begins. Because of the liturgical integrity of the sanctuary and the chapel, we ask that you use discretion in your floral decoration. The paraments are in order with the liturgical calendar and cannot be removed. There can be no wiring, taping, gluing, or tacking of decorations to pews or furnishings. No flowers or decorations may be placed on the altar.  The wedding coordinator must approve any exterior decoration. Due to possible staining, no petals may be tossed on the aisles.  Your florist or a family member should remove all flowers immediately following the departure of the guests and wedding party unless other arrangements have been made. Florists may bring in candelabras, etc. on Friday (during office hours), unless there is a conflict with the Church’s calendar. Your floral/decorating plans must be submitted to the wedding coordinator for approval four weeks before the wedding date. To notify the church bulletin for altar flowers left for Sunday morning services, please contact the church receptionist desk for availability of date. Pulaski Heights will not be responsible for items left at the Church following the ceremony. We will store any items found and attempt to contact the florist. Note: During Advent (4 weeks prior to Christmas) the Sanctuary is decorated for our Services. Consult with the Wedding Director for further information. Only the Church’s altar candlesticks and paraments are used on the altar. Candles in other areas of the church must be placed on protective covering so that the carpet or slate is not soiled. No candles may be placed in the center aisle of the church.  Air conditioning and heating vents make certain areas of the sanctuary and chapel unsuitable for candles. The wedding director will point these out to you so they can be tested before the candles are placed in or near these areas. Because of the material of our sanctuary flooring and the risks involved, the use of aisle runners is prohibited. Florists failing to abide by the rules as stated in this Policy Guide will not be allowed to perform their services at Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church, and families scheduling weddings in this church will be so informed.



Photographs can be taken before and/or after the ceremony; they must be completed 45 minutes prior to the ceremony for seating to begin on time, only 30 minutes will be allowed for photographs after the ceremony.  The bride and her escort may be photographed by the professional photographer just prior to their procession. We ask that NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHS be taken by the photographer, family members or friends from the time guests arrive until the completion of the ceremony. Once the service begins with seating of the mothers, photographers are removed from the sanctuary floor; natural light photographs may be discreetly and quietly taken from the balcony during the service. Photographers failing to abide by the rules as stated in this Policy Guide will not be allowed to perform their services at Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church, and families scheduling weddings in this church will be so informed.



Pulaski Heights Broadcast Ministry can provide a videotape or DVD of your wedding. The service will be recorded by the broadcast ministry staff using the five color cameras and recording equipment permanently installed in the Sanctuary. By using the five cameras, the recording will be able to show the wedding party and any soloists that will be singing at the wedding. The recording will include the wedding music, the entrance of family members, the attendants, and the bride. The audio will be recorded by the microphones in place and a wireless microphone worn by the pastor. The views used in the recording will be at the direction of the video director. You will receive your video immediately following the service. The Broadcast Ministry requires six (6) weeks notice to schedule a crew. Any special request will need to be submitted in writing, three weeks prior to the service. Please make your video request known to the wedding secretary so that the necessary contact can be made.



Video and/or audio recording of the ceremony by someone other than the Pulaski Heights television crew may be done provided: All videotaping must be done from the balcony of the sanctuary or from the rear of the chapel.  The videotaping must be from a single, stationary position (i.e., the photographer may not move around to various locations), it must be silent, and it must not involve any lighting changes or additional portable lighting. 



All fees must be paid at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding. An itemized invoice will be mailed at that time. Checks should be made payable to the individuals listed and mailed to 4823 Woodlawn, Little Rock, AR 72205, attn: Cindy Bowden. Within a week after the wedding, the Church will contact you to be sure that no articles were left and that extra charges were not incurred (i.e. custodial fees, damages, etc.).

Clergy (non-member only)$300 (member gives honorarium)
Organist$300; $350 w/instruments, etc.*
Custodian (weddings)$200
Use of Kitchen (receptions)$150
Custodian (receptions)$200
Use of Sanctuary (non-member only)$500
Use of Chapel (non-member only)$200
Use of Gathering Hall (non-member only)$400
Use of Parlor (non-member only)$300
Video$800 (non-member $1,000)
Bulletins (set-up only, per sheet)$50
Pre-Marital Workshop$100
* Fee includes one consultation, rehearsal, and the wedding; additional fee for soloists and instrumentalists is listed above. Individual soloists and instrumentalists are available upon request with personal fees added.



Fees include:

Clergy (non-member only)$200
Usage Fee (non-member only)$75
+ there will be a custodial fee only if one is not already scheduled on duty

To qualify for member fees vs. non-member, one must be an active member of Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church for one year, or have immediate family who are established members