PHUMC 24/7 Prayer Room

Join Our PHUMC Prayer Room

Sign-Up Instructions for PHUMC 24/7 Prayer Room

  1. When the sign up calendar is displayed, Click the three lines at the top left of the screen for key prayer resources.
  2. Tap back on home screen to return to calendar
  3. To book a time slot- swipe right and left to select the date you desire. The grey dot on the date indicates the date you are on
  4. The hours at the bottom of the screen can also be used for navigation
  5. Scroll up and down to find the time you would like to book for prayer
  6. Click the calendar time you would like
  7. You can log in or sign up as a guest.
  8. Add your name and email
  9. Set how long you would like to pray and how often you would like the slot
  10. You can also book anonymously or exclusively
  11. Pick the privacy policy and book.
  12. To delete or change your booking, click it and select edit.
  13. Then change the duration and press update or you can delete your booking.


For visual learners, you can watch the Youtube video HERE