Cancer Friends

Cancer Friends is a PHUMC Caring Ministry, founded in 1994 by Bobbie Butler and Fay Jean Royce with the encouragement of Rev. Mike Morey and Pastor Emeritus Vic Nixon. The strength of Cancer Friends has been the commitment of the volunteer encouragers and survivors who pray for, make calls, personal contacts, send cards/notes, and much more. For twenty-seven years Cancer Friends has maintained a comprehensive prayer list of members and friends of PHUMC who have cancer and has been a ministry of persons available both spiritually and physically to these cancer families. Share and Care continues to be the focus of the Cancer Friends Ministry.

Dear Cancer Friends, Thank you for the beautiful card, the cross, and the gorgeous prayer shawl. I had my first rehabilitation treatment yesterday; it went exceptionally well. I have 19 more. Please pray that all will go as well as the first. When I get to a better schedule, I would like to be a part of the support group.

A Survivor

“More than a listening ear and an understanding heart, Cancer Companions bring the gifts of prayer, scriptures, and devotions to lift up cancer families in their time of need.”

Our Cancer Companions Support group began in 2021, sponsored by the PHUMC Cancer Friends Ministry. The mission of Cancer Companions is to equip, train and support caring individuals to provide safe, supportive environments for cancer families to draw closer to Christ. Cancer Companions provides training to prepare volunteers to use prayer, scripture, and connection to help people touched by cancer to focus more on Christ and less on cancer. Volunteers may be Cancer Prayer Partners or Bible Study Facilitators. Prayer Partners are Encouragers who provide weekly contact one-on-one either by phone, email, or in-person to see if there is anything new to pray for and share devotionals, scriptures and prayers from the Cancer Companions materials. Cancer Bible Study Facilitators lead support group and individual meetings using Cancer Companions books, videos and other materials. Joining a network of churches nationally and utilizing the wealth of materials available through Cancer Companions allows us to build on the success and rich tradition of PHUMC Cancer Friends to expand the scope of our cancer ministry. You can learn more about our Cancer Companions ministries by going to

Typical Volunteers Say

“I always knew I was meant to do something with my cancer story”

Survivor, caregiver, widow, widower, family member

“Everywhere I turn I hear of someone with cancer”

Anyone with a huge pastoral care heart.

Cancer Companions Zoom Support Meetings
3rd Monday of Each Month | 5:00 – 6:30 PM Via Zoom

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For more information contact:

Dr. Jeff Hampton, Pastor of Caring Ministries: 501-664-3600
Dr. Elaine McNiece, Co-Facilitator/Chair of Cancer Friends:, 501-269-3124
Linda Jones, Co-Facilitator:, 501-772-1497