Join us for our five-week sermon series, “Unafraid in Uncertain Times,” based on the series and book, “Unafraid” by Adam Hamilton.

Sept. 28 & 30
A Time of High Anxiety
Numbers 13:17-20, 25-28, 30-33

We live in a time where anxieties are high, and fear seems to saturate daily life. What is fear? Why does it paralyze us? How do we overcome, rather than succumb?

Oct. 5 & 7
The Fear of Missing Out
Psalm 139:1-12

Sociologists tell us that there is a new phobia: the fear of missing out (FOMO). Most of us think about whether our life counts for something. In the big scheme of things, do we matter? The idea of failure, insignificance and loneliness scares us. How might we be freed to love and find greater meaning in who God has made us to be?

Oct. 12 & 14
Who Are You Afraid Of?
Genesis 4:8-9

Who frightens you? Are you fearful of the undocumented, terrorists, the left, gun owners, homophobes, atheists, blacks or Hispanics? Our fears are often tangled up in ideas about crime, race, terrorism, and politics. We live in a world in which we are afraid of people who may seem very different from us, out to get us, and ready to argue with us. What is the Christian response to fear of the other?

Oct. 19 & 21
Apocalypse, Dystopias, & Changing Times
Revelation 21:1-4

Do you worry about cyberattacks, bank failures, environmental disruption, loss of freedoms, and technological changes? Does it seem that the world you once knew is dramatically moving into a “brave new world,” a place we’ve never been before? How do we face our fears with faith and hope?

Oct. 26 & 28
Growing Old and Death
Psalm 23

Everyone experiences sickness, aging, and death. Most of us have times when we worry about health issues, how our bodies are wearing, and what comes next. We can see the downside of fears about these experiences, or learn from them. What is a Christian approach to aging and death? Knowing we can’t eliminate death, how do we think about it and prepare for it?