Sunday School

at Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church

Sunday School classes are at 10:10 am. We offer nurseries for babies, preschool classes, Rotation Sunday School for children in kindergarten through grade 5, Confirmation Class for 6th-graders, age-level classes for teenagers, and over 15  classes for adults of all ages and stages.

Rev. Belinda Price

Pastor of Welcoming & Spiritual Formation Ext. 313 / Contact Me

For more information on classes, or for help getting plugged into a class, feel free to call or email. I look forward to helping you on your spiritual journey!


Adult Classes

All Things Considered, Room M314 (all ages) | Discussion-centered class with a focus on community mission. Singles and couples of all ages are welcome.


Argue, Room M318 (ages 45+, reconciling) | Argue Class, named in honor of beloved pastor Dr. James B. Argue, is a reconciling class welcoming all. Members are generally 60+ but younger members are part of the class,too. Varied programs range from Bible study to social issues utilizing speakers and DVD/discussion formats. This class has a strong interest in missions of the church and in the community while seeking to support and encourage each other in the Christian faith journey.


Beatitudes, Room M316 (ages 30-45+) | The Beatitudes Class is made up of couples ages 30-45+. The class studies a variety of topics and enjoys having guest teachers teach Bible studies.


Coffee Talk, Room M313 (women of all ages) | This class is for women of all age groups that focuses on discussions involving our role as Christians in current events, guest speakers, and outreach missions that support women and children in our community.


Deeper Connections, Room D371 (ages 20’s-30’s)| Deeper Connections is made up of couples ages 20’s-30’s with young children. A variety of Christian topics are studied.


Dietz Dialogue, Room C135 (ages 70+) | The Dietz Dialogue Class is a discussion class for men and women now in their 70’s and 80’s. It has been meeting since 1969 discussing a large variety of books by Christian authors and theologians. Discussion leader is Kearney Dietz.


Fathomers, Room C235 (ages 55+) | A multi-facited group of 60+ married and single people enjoying learning and growing together spiritually and having a lot of fun in the process.


Foundations, Room C236 (couples ages 20-s-40’s) |Foundations Class is made up of couples ages 20’s-40’s. With a focus on marriage, this group has a marriage retreat every year. They study a variety of topics and participate in missions.


G.I.F.T., Room M308, all ages | Growing in Faith Together (G.I.F.T.), our newest class is made up of people of all ages.


Journey, Room D366 (ages 20’s-40’s) | Singles and couples ages 30’s-50’s. This class engages in Bible studies, group discussion, and fellowship as well as missions and service projects.


Koinonia, Room M307 (ages 50+) | Affectionately known as the KoneHeads (’cause Koinonia is hard for the group to say!). The class is all about fellowship and caring for one another. Another former “Young couples class” has grown old, mostly in their 60’s, but still think of themselves as younger. The class participates in active mission and social programs and usually read and discuss books by contemporary Christian authors like Adam Hamilton and Phillip Yancey.


Newton Good News, Room M101 (ages 50+) | Come the “Happy” class! Study, teach and help others!


Pairs and Spares, Room D277 (young couples/young singles) | Pairs and Spares, named after a class from many years ago, this class is made up of married and singles, ages 20’s-30’s and taught by Jimmy Faulkner and Skip Rutherford.


Roundtable, Room M312 (ages 50+) | The Roundtable Class is a fun loving group – many are retired, however younger people often attend with between 20 and 30 in attendance every week. We use the Adult Bible Studies that relates scripture to everyday living. Class discussion is a major part of the lessons. There are five excellent teachers who rotate. Each month there is a “Birthday Supper” at a nice restaurant with a private room. Those whose birthday we celebrate, select the restaurant and the class enjoys a wonderful meal and fellowship.


Tower, Room C237 (ages 40+) | The Tower Sunday School Class enjoys weekly lessons, taught by different members of the class, along with the occasional guest lecturer. The class consist of: Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives, Extroverts and Introverts, Singles and Married, Carpoolers and Empty Nesters, and Baby Boomers from 40-ish-60-ish. In depth conversations, interesting discussions, lively debates, probing questions, and entertaining anecdotes are things the class enjoys. Tower hosts several social events each year, including an annual Christmas party and a Cinco de Mayo get together. Family Promise and sponsors of the annual luncheon for graduating seniors are other activities the class supports.


Wesley, Room M320 (ages 50+, reconciling) | The Wesley Class is a reconciling class made of couples and singles 50 and up who gather together to enhance the spiritual growth of one another. All are welcome to join in discussing, examining, and sharing our relationship with God.


Children’s Classes – 978-0511

  • Early Christian Awareness (ECA) Infants/Toddlers, Norma Story Building
  • Preschool Lions (age 2-3), Tigers (age 3-4), Bears (age 4-5)
  • K-5th Grade, Rotation Sunday School, Story Bldg. Meet in Rm. S350, then classes


Youth Classes – 978-0538

  • Agape Class, D385 youth with special needs, Carol Blann
  • 12 Grade, D368 Youth Bible Study, Leslie & Tim Taylor
  • 9-11 Grades, D379 Youth Bible Study
  • 7-8 Grades, D377 Youth Bible Study
  • Confirmation, 6th Grade, phyouth Assembly Area, Rev. Jay Clark