Sermon Series


Work Matters: Connecting from Sunday to Monday

Most of us have jobs and heavy commitments. We get tired, frustrated and worn out with our work at the office, at home, and for others. How do we cultivate the Gospel in our work, and how can our faith impact how we work in the world? This series is an opportunity to reflect on how work is broken for many of us and how it can become a reflection of each Christian’s calling.

April 13 & 15
 Is Work a Four-Letter Word?
 Genesis 1:26-28
April 20 & 22
Tough Jobs
Exodus 3:7-11

April 13 & 15 | Work Matters: Is Work a Four-Letter Word?

Work can feel unfulfilling, insignificant, or dissatisfying, but we are made to work and called to work. How can we regain our joy and enthusiasm for work?


April 20 & 22 | Work Matters: Tough Jobs

Everyone who works faces times of great challenge: integrity, compromise, burnout, temptation, or walking away. Even Moses struggled with accepting his job, and then fell into unhealthy patterns. Do we fit our work? Can we grow into it? Do we believe it is spirit-filled?