Sermon Series


Holy Heroes: Great Power and Great Responsibility

Superheroes are a staple of American pop culture, from Batman to Wolverine. There is another kind of hero too – the one who is empowered and equipped by God with gifts to serve others. Disciples of Jesus may not wear capes, but God can empower us with courage, wisdom, compassion, and gifts to guide us in our ministries. Join our Vacation Bible School children and discover how God strengthens us for service.

July 7 & 9
 A Little Guy with Heart
 1 Samuel 16:1-12
July  14 & 16
A Woman Saves the Day
 1 Samuel 25:2-35 (selected verses)
July 21 & 23
Starting Early, Finishing Strong
 Luke 2:41-52
July 28 & 30
The Strange Power of Unlikely Blessing
Matthew 4:23-5:12