Sermon Series


Lies We Tell About God

When we talk about God, our language is always incomplete and lacking. We humans have the audacity to claim who God is, what God thinks, and even who God loves or does not love.  Even though we try to speak accurately about God—and we should—we often fail. How do we so misrepresent God? Are we careless, or ignorant, or both?

Through this sermon series, we reflect on lies too often used to describe God. Author of the bestselling book, “The Shack,” Wm. Paul Young explores this topic in his new book “Lies We Believe about God.”  Join us for sermons that will invite us to question the lies we believe about God, and the lies we often tell ourselves and others.

September 29 & October 1
 God Created My Religion
 Matthew 5:43-48
October 6 & 8
God is in Control
Job 38:1-7
October 13 & 15
God Wants to Be Number One
 Philippians 2:1-11
October 20 & 22
Not Everyone Is a Real Child of God
Matthew 9:9-13
October 27 & 29
God is Disappointed in Me

God Created My Religion | September 29 & October 1

What is the difference between God and religion? Religion is a means to connect us to one another and God, but it can be useful or harmful. If religion is meant to tie us together, then what are our best practices? How can we love God and embrace a healthy religion that helps us love others and changes the world?


God Is in Control | October 6 & 8

          Something bad happened, or life didn’t go as planned. And if something didn’t go our way and God is in charge, then we must have displeased God, or not said the correct magic prayers, right?  Wrong.  What if, instead, God is working with us to make things right and just even when things don’t go as we planned?  What if God’s plan for us is in trust and relationships?


  God Wants to Be Number One | October 13 & 15 

          Most of us have been taught that God wants to be number one, first on our list. Isn’t that part of the great commandment, to love God first? Or, is the command to love God really about making God central to everything? Is God the most central part of your life, or a box to be checked?

 Not Everyone Is a Real Child of God | October 20 & 22

Who is a child of God? Are only certain people, people who believe certain creeds or sign certain church pronouncements about belief God’s children? What, then, must be believed? How must we act? Or what if everyone is a child of God? If that is true, how can we live as one family of the Creator?


God Is Disappointed in Me  | October 27 & 29

          For many of us, life can seem like a series of disappointments.  Things don’t go as we expected. Some circumstance knocks us down, even though we had worked hard. Does our feeling of disappointment mean that God is disappointed in us? If God delights in us, what has gone wrong? Could it be that we instead are too saturated by media expectations of success? What if God is never disillusioned by us?