Sermon Series


What if? Living or Wasting the Dream

Humans long for a feeling of security and safety. After all, it’s an unpredictable world, and so much can go wrong. We worry, “What if we lose our job, our status, our dreams, everything?”

What if our “What ifs” were more about possibility than fear? What if our trust in God led us to greater risks and bigger God dreams? What if those dreams helped others and changed the world?

November 3 & 5
 Missing the Gift
 Ruth 1:1-16
November 10 & 12
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Genesis 28:10-17
November 17 & 19
Get a Bigger Dream
 Joshua 3:14-17

Missing the Gift | November 3 & 5

(Naomi’s family seeks security in Moab, away from the famine in the Bethlehem—the city of bread—but loses everything, except a daughter-in-law who is sticking with her like glue, a foreign daughter-in-law. Isn’t it interesting that we can’t always see the unlikely resources right in front of our own eyes? )


Between a Rock and a Hard Place | November 10 & 12

          Something bad happened, or life didn’t go as planned. And if something didn’t go our way and God is in charge, then we must have displeased God, or not said the correct magic prayers, right?  Wrong.  What if, instead, God is working with us to make things right and just even when things don’t go as we planned?  What if God’s plan for us is in trust and relationships?


  God Wants to Be Number One | October 13 & 15 

 (Jacob has run from his family, is uncertain of his future, and yet he has a dream, a gift that reminds him he has a future. “What if?” questions are often regrets, but this story invites us further into the exploration that God is all in with possibilities. Jacob—in this story—and we, are invited to explore the possibility of what God is doing that we aren’t even aware of, especially in difficult circumstances, and how we need to be more present to the possibilities God puts before us. What are the dreams God has given you to fulfill? What calling is right in front of you, needing your work and participation to fulfill God’s dream?

 Get a Bigger Dream | November 17 & 19

 (Joshua is clearly a text that includes entering a land that doesn’t belong to the Hebrews, but the story of hope for a future like their ancestors who also crossed the Sea of Reeds is behind this story. The same God who delivered the Hebrews from Egypt is the same God who delivers them to the promised land and allows the Jordan waters to recede. There are always obstacles to dreams for the future, including ministry. Consistency is the message here. Where is my faith growing, and where is PHUMC going? How does that converge?)