Phyouth at Pulaski Heights UMC is not just a program – we focus on relationships. If you are a young person in grades 6-12 (or equivalent), we hope you will find something to plug into!  We are also very intentional about being active in the total life of the church and not just off in “youth ministry” world. We strive to have fun, grow as disciples and develop deeper relationships with God.

New this year: We acknowledge that youth who have completed 8th grade are in a place of transition between middle school and high school. Starting this year, 8th grade students may participate this summer in both/either phMIDyouth events and phyouth high school events as they choose. If they are more comfortable attending phyouth, they are welcome in that space. Likewise, if they feel ready to join with the phyouth events they are also welcome to be present. If they would like to attend both groups, we take absolute joy in having them here for double the fun!

This Summer we are happy be together for fellowship, Bible Study and missions! Click here for our Summer Calendar!

Registration for confirmation is now open. Just click here! Confirmation is a 9 month class where students learn about the church, its history and decide whether they want to join the church. Confirmation is typically for incoming 6th graders, but if there are other youth that are interested in getting confirmed, contact Rod or Ellen!


Ellen Gotelli
Minister to Youth & Families
Rod Hocott
Director of phMIDyouth Ministries
Brooke Hobbs
Administrative Assistant
for Youth & Children