Parenting Workshop

  • All parents are invited to join us!

    Parenting Workshop

    August 18 & 19 at PHUMC in Wesley Hall


Friday, August 18 & Saturday, August 19

Sponsored by phyouth Ministry and the PHUMC Foundation

$20 registration fee – childcare available

Workshop Speakers: Sissy Goff, Melissa Trevathan, and David Thomas from the Daystar Counseling Center in Nashville, TN

CLICK HERE to learn more about the speakers: Sissy, Melissa, and David


Friday, August 18, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Modern Parents, Vintage Values (this session includes parts of technology talk)

“All of my other friends have iPhones.”   “I hate you!”   “Everyone else gets to ________.”   “No one else has to do chores at their house.”

If you have ever heard any of the above sentences, this class is for you. If you’ve ever said the words, “If I ever treated my parents the way my child treats me,” this class is for you. If you’re trying to figure out how to teach your fourteen year-old daughter how to be grateful…your ten- year-old son to respect you…your twelve-year-old daughter to be more confident, then we’ve got the class for you.  In this seminar, we look at what it means to bring those good old vintage values into a modern world. We’ll talk specifically about how to deal with issues that are more rampant and concerning than ever before: disrespectentitlement, and the trappings of technology. We’ll also look practically at how to teach your children values like confidenceforgiveness, and responsibility. And then we’ll land on some timeless truths…ideas of ways to lead your child to become sure of who they are in the security of you as their wise, connected, respected modern parent.

 Saturday, August 19, 9:00 - 12 Noon

Are My Kids on Track? Emotional, Social & Spiritual Milestones your Child Needs to Reach

From birth to adulthood, our children’s physical and intellectual development is carefully tracked and charted. But what about their hearts? After all, how our children develop emotionally, socially, and spiritually will determine who they become as husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, friends and co-workers.  Are My Kids on Track? helps you identify and measure emotional, social, and spiritual milestones in your children’s lives. Moreover, you will discover practical ways to guide your kids through any stumbling blocks they might encounter and help them reach the appropriate landmarks. Along the way, David, Sissy and Melissa pinpoint the different ways boys and girls develop, so you can help your child flourish in his or her own way. Filled with decades of experience from three practicing counselors, this seminar will provide you with valuable, practical and relatable information to make sure your child is growing not just in body, but in heart. Join us for a time to be equipped in truth, encouraged in love…and to laugh at least a little along the way.

Saturday Breakout Session (after lunch) 12:30 – 1:30 pm

Intentional Parenting

Being a free parent. Parent out of love and not out of fear. Spending real time– connected, engaged time with your son or daughter with no iPhones, iPads, or iAnything in between. These are a few of the ideas we talk about in this seminar. It is one born out of countless conversations we have had with parents over the years…conversations where they’re wanting to talk about how to be more consistent, patient, connected, balanced, free…in a word more intentional with their children of all ages. This seminar is our response. In it, we give specific ideas on:

  • being a consistent parent
  • being a patient parent
  • being a connected parent
  • being a balanced parent
  • and, finally, what it looks like to be free.

Regardless of their age, your children look to you to help them discover who you are. This time will help you do just that. You are growing right alongside them. Our hope is that you will leave this seminar refreshed with humor, truth and grace and more confident to parent with all of the love, mercy and intentionality with which God continues to parent you. Understanding you. Understanding your child.