Job Opportunities


Director of the Children’s Learning Center

Full time Director of the Children’s Learning Center.

An individual who is recruited to organize and implement the program activities while developing the program structure based on the best interest of the children and their parents and following the mission and goals of the Children’s Learning Center.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Education or similar field
Salary based on experience and education.

A full list of responsibilities of the position is available upon request.

Inquiry and resume to Rev. Jay Clark,  (501) 944-8400 or

Custodial Staff

Full time custodial staff.

Reports to: Director of Facilities & Maintenance
Degree Requirement: none
Job Summary: To maintain all buildings and grounds of Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church so that the facility appears clean, orderly, presentable and safe to all members, visitors, and staff so that it continues to promote the church’s mission and vision.

• Review the custodial folders/calendar daily for all correspondence
• Attendance- Able to show up for your shift at your scheduled time.
• Dependability -Commits to long hours of work when necessary to reach goals.
• Ensure all rooms, kitchen, sanctuary/worship space are properly set up and clean for daily/weekly/weekend activities
• Clean the entire facility (see detailed cleaning list/schedule)
• Unlock the facility and gates in the morning and tum off alarm
• Secure the facility and gates in the evening and set the alarm
• Respond to calls over the radio related to deliveries, immediate needs (i.e. spills, room issues) throughout the day
• Walk around the exterior of the property and pick up all trash and debris located in parking lots, etc.
• Perform small routine maintenance and repair issues (i.e. changing lights, ceiling tiles, etc)
• Ensure all public areas are clean and presentable for members and guests entering the building
• Empty trash and place recyclables in the recycling containers
• Must be able to Lift 501bs. and be able to set up and tear town tables/chairs for events.
• Assist guests or members that need help and assistance
• Reports equipment malfunctions and job site hazards to the Shift Supervisor or Director of Facilities & Maintenance.
• Check unoccupied buildings to ensure they are secure
• Communicate with fire, security alarm, police and any other emergency contacts as needed in the event of an emergency
• Attend any trainings as instructed by the Director of Facilities & Maintenance or Church Administrator
• Other duties as assigned by the Director of Facilities & Maintenance or Church Administrator
• Essential Physical Functions
Ability to speak and hear
Close and distant vision
Frequent walking with some standing at times
Will walk for long periods of time, possibly extended distances Frequently lifts/carries up to 25 lbs.