Harvestfest PHUMC Booth Volunteers

Saturday, October 15 | Various shifts between 10 am – 6 pm

PHUMC is partnering with The Open Book Project, founded in 2016 by Ginny Blakenship. It is now a signature project of the Little Rock Public Education Foundation. In their own words: “We view the Open Book Project as the first step toward building a larger city-wide movement to help provide high-interest books, practical resources and support, love and encouragement to students and teachers in the Little Rock School District’s (LRSD) highest-priority schools.”

Each person, group or family can sign up to help Dr. Blakenship sell books to people who come to our booth, and those books will be distributed to the highest-priority schools in LRSD.

Let’s help even more students have access to great books!

Volunteers can sign up for one hour or longer.