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Pulaski Heights COVID-19 Latest Update

Fall 2020

Even though in-person worship is not taking place, you can still worship with us online- on the website, facebook, or YouTube.  The PHUMC staff is still hard at work so we can have as full of a fall as possible.

For now the re-launch task force is recommending, the Woodlawn campus and the St. Luke campus will be closed to the public (with the exception of staff) until we see a significant drop in COVID-19 cases.  Significant drop is defined by:

  1. A 14 day downward trend in new COVID-19 cases in Arkansas
  2. A 14 day statewide positivity rate of under 5%
  3. A 14 day downward trend in new hospitalizations in Arkansas


When these three things are achieved, we will have more discussion about re-opening the campus to larger groups and in-person worship.  Until then, we will continue with our online and television ministries.  If you have questions, please call us at 501-664-3600.